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20" Confetti Streamer Handheld Launcher - Ready to Launch Kit

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Product Description



Pro 20" Mini Confetti Streamer Handheld Launcher -

Ready to Launch Kit


This 20" Confetti Streamer Handheld Launcher  "Ready to Launch" Kit includes one 20” Confetti Launcher Cannon for launching both streamers or confetti.

This Handheld Confetti Launcher product is used worldwide by some of the top entertainment and Nightlife professionals because of its quality and reliability. It can work with both Quickload Streamers, and/or Quickload Confetti for your desired effect!

There is even available a Bellagio VIP Load, that fires both Streamers, and Confetti combined in one shot (Sold Seperately) to completely mezmerize and awe the audience.

Lets just say you dont have Quickload Confetti Packs available, this handheld Confetti Launcher is also able to launch bulk confetti by filling it from the top launch opening.

Finally, a super high quality, and super dependable Confetti Launcher that can bring the "BIG ROOM" Confetti Effect into any venue or Event at a low and affordable price without having to bring in thousands of dollars in Commercial Confetti Machines.



Here’s what's included:

1×20” Confetti Streamer Handheld CO2 Launcher Canon;


3×Packs of rainbow-colored streamers in Quick-Load Packs;
3×Packs of rainbow-colored confetti in Quick-Load Packs;
3×16 gram (threaded-neck) CO2 cylinders;
3×8 gram (threaded-neck) CO2 cylinders;

A fully detailed instruction sticker is attached to the cannon tube, and it is super easy and user friendly!


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handheld-co2-confetti-streamer-launcher-kit-co2-17074.1391157466.1280.1280.jpg   handheld-co2-confetti-streamer-launcher-kit-quick-load-top-91872.1391157140.1280.1280.jpg   handheld-co2-confetti-streamer-launcher-kit-quick-load-confetti-loading-top-85328.1391156749.1280.1280.jpg




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