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NIGHTCLUBSHOP.COM now offers Glow LED Drinkware, Ice cubes, Barware Accessories, bar and liquor body lights, mardi gras beads, security wrist bands, latex balloons, lumi-loon pro ballons in color and white plus necklaces, bracelets, shapes and novelties.

We don't have everything listed on the web site that is available to us so if there's something specific you're looking for, please tell what you need as we can probably get it for you as long as it can legally ship via UPS, USPS or freight and then we'll put it on the site (we only put items that can legally ship via USPS or UPS legally on the site) so it's available to you the next time you want to order it.

Flashing Blinky Items

Light up the party, light up the night with our Flashing Blinky Items! Choose from L.E.D. Jewelry, L.E.D. sunglasses, L.E.D. Drink ware, L.E.D. Ice cubes, Fiber Optic Hats and more. We have something for everyone. If it flashes and blinks we probably have it. Our Flashing Blinky Items are great additions and final touches to outfits and can also make great gifts; from Birthdays to Housewarming parties.

Just tell us what you need in the form below and we'll do what we can to get it for you.

Glow Products

Get ready to light the night with our fabulous selection of glow products!  With glow sticks in every color of the rainbow, you will be able to find the perfect products to add a little flair and fancy to your next nighttime event!

Our selection of glow products includes green glow sticks to hail the mother ship when you’re waiting for your next alien encounter, red glow sticks to cheer on your favorite football team, oversized glow necklaces to give you that extra pizzazz on the dance floor, glow drinkware for your next party, and other fun glow products that will thrill kids and adults alike!

Light up the night with selections of light up martini glasses and margarita glasses. Ring in the New Year with glowing champagne classes. Whatever, the occasion, glow drinkware can add a fun element to the party!

Our red glows sticks, green glow sticks, are activated with a simple snap. Popular with concert goers and perfect for nighttime parades and fireworks displays, simply rip open your bag of glow items of any other color if you need to coordinate with a specific theme, sports team, or school, and start tossing these glow products to the crowd! 

Other glow products are available by simply contacint us. They include the multi-colored selection of glow bracelets and glow necklaces.  These are extremely popular during the summer months and Halloween time, especially when trying to coordinate some glow accessories with that perfect Halloween costume and the orange glow necklaces are crowd pleasers! With pre-attached connectors, these glow necklaces are ready to give out at your next event! 

So get ready to rock the night and light up the dark with our great glow products. Just tell us what you need in the form below and we'll do what we can to get it for you.

Bar & Restaurant

Whether your house is the bar and restaurant on party night or you’re shopping for your own bar and restaurant, we can probably get everything you need for a special event or drink! Create a signature drink and serve it in one of our L.E.D. Drinkware or glow drinkware. Decorate tables and drinks with amazing L.E.D. Ice cubes! Having a sports night? Personalize a sports customer banner on our website!

Just tell us what you need in the form below and we'll do what we can to get it for you.

Party Supplies

Find everything you need for the perfect party here – from party supplies to scene setters; special occasions to seasonal events; and fun party ideas to unique party favors. We can find products for everything you need for an unforgettable event: themed electric party string light sets, party kits, stand ups, piñatas, customizable banners and balloons. Search through our selection of matching paper goods and tableware for unique and fun party supplies. Need a new party idea? Don’t forget the glow!


Make some noise at your next party with our fun and extensive selection of noisemakers! We have everything you could possible need at your next fiesta; from maracas to tambourines and hand clappers to horns. Cheer on your favorite teams with the unique sound of our colorful cowbells and hand clappers. Noisemakers are great for any event from Sports to NYE!

Don' see what you're looking for? Ask us. We haven't listed everything that's available to us. Just fill out the form below or give us a call and we'll see what we can do to find the right product for you at the right price.