When you need to take your advertising campaign to the next level, NIGHTCLUBSHOP Red Carpet backdrop banner printing is the perfect visual marketing solution.

Photography, Music, Nightclub, or film, media backdrop banners ensure that your company logo, branding, product name, and message remain in the shot. These Backdrops are great for Social Media Pictures as well as Red Carpet Events and special functions. Nightclubs, Awards shows, Banquets, Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays, These Red Carpet Backdrops can be custom taylored to your desired and specific size.

We could easily offer this as a pick and choose size option, and fully automate the process online, but we think that when you design a custom backdrop, the details are quite specific, so we would much rather speak to you in person. Call 813-720-0409 for your design specifics, please email Art and Logos to INFO@NIGHTCLUBSHOP.COM



We offer custom digitally printed banners and vinyl banners cut to your specific size. Media backdrop banner sizes are available from small format 24x36 to any custom taylored size desired. NIGHTCLUBSHOP.COM's vinyl banner printing helps your company get the most out of its marketing, and helps your brand reach your desired maximum exposure!

Backdrop Banner Printing Features

  • Custom made to your height and width
  • UV-cured inks for outdoor use, durability, and extended life
  • Scratch resistant
  • Printed on gloss, or matte vinyl
  • Full color printing at no extra cost
  • Finished with grommets or pole pockets