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Electronic Repair Services



NIGHTCLUBSHOP.COM has been in the Entertainment business, and in the Light and Sound Equipment Business for over 20 years.

We know how important it is to have your gear running correctly, and can service ALL MAJOR BRANDS.

Nightclubs, Mobile DJ's, and Entertainment Professionals sometimes need a reputable, as well as professional place to take their Equipment that needs Electronic repairs. Whether you are a local Entertainment professional in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, or a Venue or Mobile DJ outside of our Local Area, we provide repair services for many of the Top brands of Electronic equipment and DJ Gear.






CD Decks,






Moving heads,

P.A. Systems,

Multi-Channel Boards,

Lighting Controllers,




***Speaker & Component Electronic Repair ****

We fix speakers! Bring in or Mail in (International Repairs) your speakers for repair! JBL, Electro Voice, Mackie, Pioneer, & more! REPAIR AMPLIFIER.MIXER,RECONE KITS, * Vacuum tube amps * Solid state amps * Digital guitar amps * Bass amps * Keyboards * Keyboard amps * Mixers--Analog and Digital * Powered and non-powered speaker cabs * Recording gear * DJ gear * Computers * TV's If you have a guitar amp repair, vintage amp repair, an old Fender or Marshall amp repair, any audio or video repair need, please give us a call! We repair new, used, and vintage musical gear. We are factory authorized for most brands. We do amplifier repair (this includes both tube amplifier repair and solid state amplifier repair) , CD player repair, CD recorder repair, electric guitar repair, effects repair, electric & electronic keyboard repair, microphone repair (standard & wireless microphone repair), multi track repair ( analog & digital ), mixer repair & sound board repair, power amplifier repair, speaker repair, stereo repair, synthesizer repair, Tape recorder repair (cassette recorder repair & reel to reel repair) turntable repair, record player repair & DJ equipment repair. Basically if you can plug it in and make music with it we probably work on it. Whether testing, repairing, solving obsolescence issues or remanufacturing obsolete circuits, a complete maintenance capability is available to help you keep your electronic circuits working with extended life. Call us today for info.



NIGHTCLUBSHOP has two(2) different Options for repair services available.

1)In-House Electronic Repair - Drop off, or Mail in your Gear/Equipment for Services, Maintenance or Repair.

2)Out-Call Electronic Repair - If you are in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area, or anywhere in South Florida, we can send out a qualified repair Technician to

Troubleshoot, Service, and repair most Electronic, Audio, Lighting, or Video gear.

Repair Estimates starting at only $50 and Up, and Out-call Services starting at $100.

Discounted shipping rates are also available for our Mail in repairs.

Call us today for an Estimate or to schedule an Out-Call Appointment-

813-720-0409 or 305-393-4378

Emergency Service technicians available and on call 24 hours a Day 7 days a week.



   To have one of our Professional Technicians contact your Business, Please fill out "CONTACT US" Section Below

 and we will contact you in the next 24/48 hrs.

For emergency Repair Services please call 813-720-0409