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The SideKick™

This "SideKick" dual shot cupis a patent-pending, revolutionary shot glass that will transform any shot into a  alot of exciting fun, it is a creative work of art for your bar brought to you by WWW.NIGHTCLUBSHOP.COM

SAFELY place any edible or non-edible condiment or ingredient directly into the removable bottom of the shot glass, and produce an engaging drink experience that will look incredible and taste absolutely amazing!

Once the shot is consumed and finished drink, easily retrieve and enjoy the infused, edible condiment to complete a one-of-a-kind shot/shooter experience.

Whether you're a bartender, waitress, owner of a nightclub, bar, or restaurant, or you just want to take your next party to a new level of AWESOME -- let your creativity take control and "infuse a whole new world of possibilities"™ with this "SideKick" sHot cup