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If you are wondering how alot of these Special Events and Venues make all this extra money, look no further. Proven time and again in Venues all over the world, these little extra revenue generators help all of these Nightclub and Specialty Hospitality Businesses Services not only survive but flourish.

Think about it now, you are in a night club and a cute girl or guy walks by and asks you if you would like to buy a shot, 7 people out of 10 people say yes. 

The liqour content is less than quarter liqour and the price on the product to the customer is $3-8 dollars, multiply that by 24 and you start to see where we are headed with this ? 

A tray, Jello Shots, some tubes or injectors, a girl or a guy, depending on yoru venue, and some good walking shoes, and by the end of the night, you have made a small fortune without any effort whatsoever.

Not only do we consider drinks, shots, and shooters, income and revenue generators, but other novelties as well that can be sold inside a nightclub to increase the over all profit like foam sticks, LeD Products and customized glasses that can be sold for profits.

Give us a call, 813-720-0409, and we would be happy to give you ideas and party themes that have been proven to generate income and revenue for your venue or Business/Special Event.