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LED Furniture is a great way to accentuate any part of a nightclub, bar, lounge, pool area, or even your own private home.  Create ambient lighting unlike any other within seconds.  Each piece brings its own remote control to use, or you could use one remote to control all of your furniture and its lighting settings such as mode or color.  We currently carry 4 different types of furniture, but are constantly adding new products to our line, ay tuned for new additions and feel free to drop us an email or call if you need custom made LED furniture. 


We have LED cubes for sitting down, or for VIP section tables.  

We have LED pyramids for decorations

We also have LED ORBs and balls for the pool area or again for ambient lighting.  


Take a look at our pictures and you will get some ideas for venue, bar or home. Some of these can actually float and are water resistant for water surfaces.