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We Carry several different kinds of "Foam" LED Light/Glow Sticks as well as Traditional Liquid Filled "GLOW" Sticks.

*We have the Higher Quality, Higher Grade 16" (inch) "7 Function" L.E.D. Foam Sticks. These obviously have better L.E.D. interior parts and better lighting as well as they are the most durable and re-usable.

*We also carry  the lower end 18"(inch) "3 Function" L.E.D. Foam Sticks. These are a bit less in quality but a great "Bang for your Buck"

---Both Versions of "L.E.D. FOAM STICKS" ---

Click on link below for in-Depth information:

The Difference between 18" and 16" LED FOAM STICKS

Are available for Customization and can be wrapped with your Color Logo or ArtWork. Call 813-720-0409 after purchase for Customization Details and Proofs.