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Bottle Service and Branded/Unbranded Cups, Ice Buckets, Carafe's, and  VIP supplies and Drinkware for Special Events, Nightclubs, Bars, and Activations.


This section covers several lines of our extensive and durable Cups and Drinkware for Nightclubs, Bars, Special Events and Brand Activations.

These products are tested and approved by Nightclubshop and have made the final cut here on the website because of their high quality standards, Nightclubshop approved manufacturing, as well as rapid availability and option for customization the way we want it done, and done right. 








  • 24oz Unbreakable Tritan Glass Shaker Cup w/ Wabasha logo 24oz Unbreakable Tritan Glass Shaker Cup w/ Good Morning Vodka logo

    24oz Unbreakable Tritan Glass Shaker Cups

    Imagine giving your guests their favorite beer, soda, or other beverage in cutting-edge polymer beverage ware that is as attractive as glass but is unbreakable.A beverageware that is durable enough to withstand any climate, maintains its...

    $999.99 - $1,000.24
  • LED, DMX, Remote, Controlled, Bottle, Stickers, RGB, Super Bright, Wireless, Advanced Coded technology, VIP, Bottles, Nightclub, Lounge, Club, Bar, Venue, Event, Catering LED, DMXR, DMX, Remote, Glow, Bottle, Sticker, Super Bright, Remote Controlled, Smart, Advanced, Coded, Technology

    RF DMXR LED Bottle Glorifier Sticker

    RF DMX LED Bottle Glorifier Sticker The easiest and most versatile way to light up any bottle is now here! The DMXR LED Bottle Glorifier Sticker is a disposable LED Stick on that you simple peel off and stick it to bottom of bottle and watch...

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  • Huge, Enormous, Gigantic, White, Wine, Cup, Vino, Acrylic, LED, Nightclubshop, Glass, Sip, Fancy, Bar, Lounge Jumbo, White, Wine, Cup, LED, Wedding, Decorations, flowers, Bar, Lounge, Casino, Celebration, Sparkling, Wine

    Jumbo White Wine Cup

    Jumbo White Wine Cup   Sip your wine the right way with the Jumbo White Wine cup. This Huge cup can fit up to 40L and stands at a staggering height almost reaching 4ft! Made out of pure Acrylic, this cup is Highly durable and is completely...

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  • Nightclubshop, Jumbo, Champagne, Flute, Actual, Size, LED, VIP, Bottle, Holder, Ice, bucket Champagne, Bottle, Presenter, Jumbo, Sparkling, Wine, Acrylic, Cups, Club, Casino, Wedding, Birthdays, VIP, Exclusive

    Jumbo Champagne Flute

    Jumbo Champagne Flute   Sip champagne the right way with the Jumbo Champagne Flute. This cup stands at almost 4ft high (46.9") and holds up to 16.5L of fluids. Made out of Acrylic, this Glass type material is Highly-durable and...

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  • Extra, Large, Jumbo, XL, Huge, Red, Wine, Cup, Bar, Casino, Wedding, Decor, Vino, Acrylic, Glass Jumbo, Huge, Martini, Glass, Acrylic, Glass, Cups, LED, Xmas, Holidays, Celebrate, Celebrations, decor

    Jumbo Red Wine Cup - Acrylic 39 inch

    Jumbo Red Wine Cup  - Acrylic 39 inch   Drink your wine till you cant no more with the Jumbo Red Wine Cup. This Acrylic piece is measured at a bit over 3ft and can hold up to 65L!  Made out of Hard based Acrylic, this Jumbo Cup is...

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  • SALE
    Martini, Cup, Jumbo, Large, Actual, Size, Big, Cocktail, Wedding, Decor, Restaurant, Grande Jumbo, Large, Martini, Cup, Huge, Ice, Bucket, Bottle, Presenter, Liquor, Display,

    Large Jumbo Martini Cup

    Large Jumbo Martini Cup    A size smaller from the XL Jumbo Martini Cup, this Jumbo L Martini is still a great choice.  Standing tall at 31.1"H this cup fits up too 11L. Our cups are made out of the most durable material which makes it...

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    Now: $649.99
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